We – Nicola Rodewald, née Vahsen, and Gero Peters – assisted in setting up the children’s home Light for Nepal in Kathmandu, Nepal. 28 poor and neglected children were able to find a new home. In order to continuously support this children’s home efficiently, we founded the non-profit association Bahini, first in Germany and later on also in France. To read more about who we are and which goals we aim at, please click here >>

Being the third poorest country in the world, almost half of all Nepalese children less than 15 years of age are malnourished. Through Bahini we would like to commit and dedicate ourselves to help the poorest of the poor in Nepal. Light for Nepal is the children’s home that we support through our initiative. To read more about whom exactly we help and which impact we achieve, please click here >>

In Nepalese, "Bahini" means „little sister“. Seeing ourselves as a little sister, we would like to enable the children’s home Light for Nepal to provide the children a secure environment and a safe home. By supporting Bahini you make a precious contribution to ensure a positive development of the children of the children’s home Light for Nepal and to offer them a bright future >>

LFN News

Since some weeks our new volunteers Quenna and Lauren take care of the children. These are stucked in the exams at the moment or they've them just passed them.